American Honda Motor Facility

Factory Authorized Service Inc.

American Honda Motor Facility is located in Torrance California. The facility is the U.S. Sales and Marketing headquarters, as well as its Research and Development and Parts Center. It is home to over 15 thousand employees who work in different buildings within the complex.

Equipment on site

The central plant consists of multiple chillers, boilers, and cooling towers.  There are 4 Baltimore Air Coil cooling towers located in the central cooling plant of the complex. They are constructed of Galvanized metal and galvanized hot water boxes.

New mechanical supparts manufactured by Evapco for Baltimore Aircoil units. 


There were various galvanized panels, hot water boxes, and mechanical supports that were severely corroded. The heat transfer media was fouled and not producing the required heat rejection required for their chillers, resulting in poor chiller system efficiency.


Engineer and install a solution without stopping cooling service to the 100 acres complex.


Engineered and replaced the following: all severely corroded panels, hot water boxes, heat transfer media, mechanical supports, and fan assemblies one tower at a time without interfering with the complexes’ cooling requirements.


The Factory Authorized Service engineered solution provided new sheet metal and stainless-steel hot water boxes for all 4 cooling towers. FAS replaced all the heat transfer media supports and fan assemblies in all four cooling towers without stopping the cooling requirements of the facility. The customer was extremely pleased with the installation and the cost savings of refurbishing the towers versus replacing them completely. The plant was returned to original efficiency.