Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Factory Authorized Service Inc.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center facility is located in Colton, California. The hospital is a 456-bed, university-affiliated teaching hospital. It is located on a 70-acre campus, operating a Burn and Stroke Center, as well as Level II Trauma Center.

Equipment on site

The central plant consists of multiple chillers, boilers, and Baltimore Air Coil cooling towers.  There are 4 Baltimore Air Coil cooling towers located in the central cooling plant of the complex. They are counterflow towers constructed of Galvanized metal.

New stainless steel hot water boxes manufactured by EVAPCO for Baltimore Aircoil cooling towers.


All the hot water boxes were severely corroded, failing, and leaking all over the roof.


Engineer and install a solution without stopping cooling service to the hospital complex.


To engineer and install the stainless-steel hot water boxes. Each water box was produced in stainless steel and provided by Evapco. The work was accomplished one tower at a time without interference to the complex’s cooling requirements.


The Factory Authorized Service engineered solution provided new stainless-steel hot water boxes for all 4 cooling towers. The hospital was pleased with the installation and the speed of the work. The cost saved by not having to replace the cooling towers was a plus for the hospital, and the plant was returned to original efficiency.