California State University, Channel Islands

Factory Authorized Service Inc.

California State University Channel Islands is a public university in Ventura County, California. CI opened in 2002 as the 23rd campus in the California State University system. Channel Islands offers 53 types of Bachelor's degrees, 6 different Graduate (Master's) degrees, and 19 teaching credentials.  

Equipment on Site

  • One Evapco Low Profile Tower (LPT)
    • Serving dormitories

Evapco fan wheel and fan shaft


Fan wheels were unbalanced by the severe corrosion of the fan shaft and driven pulley. Two of the casing panels were corroded and needed to be replaced.


The school’s fall semester was about to begin, and the towers needed to be refurbished quickly and efficiently before the first students moved in.


Factory Authorized Service, along with Evapco, rushed the parts order to meet the move-in deadline.


With parts in hand, we installed the new fan wheel, shaft, and pully in 2 days, allowing students to move in on the third day. The tower was brought back to the original thermal performance from Evapco. The customer was extremely pleased with the speed of installation and the tower’s corrected efficiency.