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Customers come to us all the time looking for fair-price solutions that will last and improve cooling tower performance.

At Factory Authorized Service, we only work with genuine parts provided by EVAPCO, and our team has completed hundreds of hours of training, all to make sure that we stay ahead of the changes in the industry and get your project done right every time.

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We service Evapco, Baltimore Aircoil, Marley, Recold, and more!

Cooling Tower Services

Preventive and scheduled maintenance




Parts and unit replacement (new or exact)

Repairs, rebuilds, and retrofits

Custom-built replacement sections

Installation and commissioning

Turnkey tower installation

Mechanical, thermal, structural and energy upgrades


Water Treatment

Non-chemical solutions

Chemical treatment – solid release pellets

Descaling treatment

Water filtration

The best parts in the market shipped to your door in time and on budget with all the benefits that only EVAPCO can offer.

Thermal Performance Guarantee

EVAPCO guarantees that the thermal performance of parts impacting performance (i.e. coils, fill and drive components) will be equal to or greater than the thermal performance at the time of replacement.

Quick Shipment

EVAPCO has the best lead times in the industry! Factory Authorized Service your, Mr. GoodTower® Service Center, has have parts in stock for immediate shipment and pick-up.

Equipment Upgrades

Parts are available to:

Facilitate maintenance – platforms & ladders, jib boom & davit, ZM nozzles, electric water level control.

Increase thermal performance – add fill media, larger coils, fan motor & drive changes.

Reduce operating costs – inverter duty & two speed motors, more efficient drift eliminators.

Match the Existing Unit

Parts are designed and certified to match the existing unit.

Parts Kit

Many parts come in an all inclusive retrofit parts kit to ensure you have all the necessary parts to complete the job.


Evapjet: innovative nozzle design uses oscillating water spray to improve water coverage and unit performance.

Restore flow that has been lost due to clogged branches or damaged nozzles with Evapjet!

Maximum flexibility: Evapjet is compatible with ANY manufacturer’s counterflow cooling equipment

Double protection: ALL spray system upgrades on competitor’s equipment come with EVAPCO’s two-year warranty. That is double the warranty of other equipment!

Optimal flow: EVAPCO nozzles have wider orifices to reduce clogging, zero moving parts to reduce wear, and are threaded for easy removal.

Two options to better fit your application: Use EVAPCO’s EVAPJET® nozzles on open towers or EVAPCO’s ZMII® nozzles on coolers and condensers.

Benefits of Water Spray Retrofits

Increases water spray coverage for better distribution

Restores equipment’s thermal performance with enhanced water droplet formation

Improves spray Distribution with no moving parts due to large orifices and fluidic design

All Hardware and Branch Grommets Are Included

Centrifugal Fans (LS and LR models and BAC, Marley)

Forward-curved centrifugal-type fans are designed for optimum performance.

Statically and dynamically balanced for vibration-free operation.

Hot-dip galvanized construction with options for epoxy coating and in some sizes, stainless steel fans are available.

Kits include fan, hardware, adhesive (for 30″ wheels) and installation instructions.

Quick shipment: 1-2 days upon request.

Vane Axial Fans (AT models, BAC and Marley)

Axial propeller type fans with adjustable pitch are designed for optimum performance.

Constructed of corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum alloy.

Statically balanced for vibration-free operation.

Kits include fan, hardware, proper fan pitch instructions, and installation instructions.

Quick shipment: 1-2 days upon request.

Vane Axial Fans (PM models, BAC and Marley)

Vane axial fans are designed for optimum performance.

Constructed of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum alloy.

Balanced for vibration-free operation.

Wide blade fan assemblies available for sound sensitive applications.

Kits include fan assembly, hardware, and complete installation instructions.

Quick shipment: 1-2 days upon request.

Fan Housings and Snouts for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Replace corroded fan housings and snouts with G235 heavy duty galvanized or stainless steel fan housing assemblies.

All housings supplied with inlet rings, hardware, sealer tape and instructions.

Inlet rings may be made of Aluminum

Available fully assembled or knocked down.

Solid Fan Shaft Kits for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Ground and polished steel fan shaft includes milled keyways for easy installation.

Fan shafts are available in optional stainless steel.

The kit includes new bearings, coated bushings, hardware, rust inhibitor, and installation instructions

Tubular Fan Shaft Kits for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Ground and polished steel fan shaft with milled keyways for easy installation.

Forged bearing journals are stronger than competitors’ welded bearing journals.

Fan shafts are coated with a rust inhibitor for long life.

Fan shafts are available in optional stainless steel.

Kit includes new bearings, coated bushings, hardware, additional rust inhibitor, and installation instructions.

Bearings for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Heaviest duty pillow block bearings in the industry with a rated L-10 life of 75,000 to 135,000 hours!

Other manufacturer’s pillow block bearings are typically rated for 40,000 hours.

Bearing kits are supplied with Grade 5 mounting hardware, shims, grease fittings, neoprene flingers that prevent water from penetrating the bearing housing, and installation instructions.

Extended lube line kits, grease, and oil available upon request.

Wide range of bearing kits available for towers of all manufacturers

Split Bearings for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Intermediate oil-bearing supplied with split housing and split cartridge for easy replacement.

Extended lube line kits, grease, and oil available upon request.

Wide range of bearing kits available for towers of all manufacturers

Aluminum Sheaves for EVAPCO, BAC ,and Marley

Corrosion-resistant cast aluminum alloy construction for sheaves in the moist environment.

Balanced for smooth operation.

Complete installation instructions available, including recommended torque.

Cast Iron Sheaves for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Corrosion-resistant cast aluminum alloy construction for sheaves in the moist environment.

Balanced for smooth operation.

Complete installation instructions available, including recommended torque.


Coils for EVAPCO, BAC, Marley

Leaking coils waste water, glycol, and lead to refrigerant loss. Scaled up coils can reduce capacity up to 30%.

New replacement coils will improve your equipment’s thermal performance!

EVAPCO designs and manufactures replacement coils and coil sections for any manufacturer’s cooler or condenser, ensuring the replacement will fit the existing unit and match existing piping connections.

EVAPCO’S Thermal-Pak® coil has a unique elliptical design that provides maximum heat transfer and thermal performance with minimum pressure drop.

The design allows for closer tube spacing, that results in greater surface area, lower resistance to airflow, and greater water loading capacity, making the Thermal-Pak coil the most effective design available.

Coils are fabricated from all prime surface steel then hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection.

Tested to 400 psi air pressure underwater.

Coils also available in stainless steel or copper.

Available with or without casing.

Quick shipment: 2-3 weeks upon request.

Powerband Belts for EVAPCO, BAC and Marley

Solid-back multi-groove belts are constructed of neoprene with polyester cords for long life.

Sized for 150% of motor horsepower.

Large selection of sizes in stock for immediate shipment.

V-Belts for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Reinforced neoprene v-belts for long life.

Sized for 150% of motor horsepower.

Large selection of sizes in stock for immediate shipment.

Counter Flow Fill Media for EVAPCO, BAC and Marley

EVAPCO’S patented design provides superior heat transfer through its unique cross-fluted counterflow pattern.

Lightweight for easy installation, yet durable enough to be used as a working platform.

Fill kits include fill, supports, hardware, and installation instructions for easy installation.

Manufactured from inert PVC suited for temperatures up to 130°F/54°C Also available in HPVC for temperatures from 130°F/54°C to 150°F/66°C, surge up to 160°F/71°C applications.

Material is self-extinguishing with a flame spread of 5 per ASTM E84-819.

Anti-fouling fill also available for poor water quality.

Cross Flow Fill Media for EVAPCO, BAC, Marley

Superior heat transfer is achieved from specially designed fill media.

Lightweight fill bundles make for easy installation. No individual sheets.

Fill kits include fill, supports, hardware, and installation instructions for easy installation.

EVAPCO’S bottom fill supports provide a minimum of 5.5″ clearance between the bottom of the fill and the tower basin. This allows for easy cleaning of this critical area in the basin.

Fill supports are available in galvanized steel, FRP, or stainless steel.

Manufactured from inert PVC suited for temperatures up to 130°F

Inlet Louvers

EVAPCO’S new and improved design is both Water and Sight Tight (WST).

Eliminates sunlight from entering the basin, thus inhibiting algae growth and reducing chemical costs.

Eliminates splash-out, reducing water and chemical usage.

Framed sections allow for easy removal and easy basin access.

Moisture Eliminators for EVAPCO, BAC, Marley

Eliminators are constructed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant PVC.

Limits carry-over to .001% of the circulating water rate, thereby reducing water and chemical loss.

Available in HPVC for water temperatures up to 150°F/54°C, with surge to 160°F/66°C

Also available in galvanized steel.

Kits include replacement tie-down straps, buckles, and brackets.

Float Valve Assembly—Make-up water for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Heavy duty brass float valve with rubber seal disc to ensure valve completely closes to prevent water loss.

Foam filled polypropylene float ball.

Easy to adjust for proper basin water level.

Numerous sizes and configurations available for immediate shipment.

Strainers for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

All strainers are constructed of perforated 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long life. Other manufacturers typically provide galvanized strainers that can quickly corrode.

Anti-cavitation design prevents air entrapment in the system pump.

Flat type, box type, round type available to fit large range of suction connections. EVAPCO can custom design and manufacture strainers for any suction connection regardless of original manufacturer. In addition, EVAPCO can supply new hoods and strainers to convert from a remote sump to a local sump.

Water distribution and Nozzles—COOLING TOWERS for EVAPCO, BAC and Marley

Schedule 40 PVC piping with ABS plastic nozzles for corrosion protection.

Nozzles have a minimum opening of .375″ x 1″ and are practically impossible to clog.

Anti-sludge ring on nozzles prevent sediment from clogging nozzle opening.

Threaded end caps on spray branches allow for easy debris removal.

Optional galvanized or stainless steel piping available.

Water Distribution and Nozzles—FLUID COOLERS & CONDENSERS - ZM Nozzles

100% thermal performance with Zero nozzle Maintenance.

Fixed position nozzle with no moving parts eliminates need to repair and replace
expensive rotating nozzles.

Molded from heavy duty nylon for 100% corrosion protection.

Large 1.3125″ nozzle opening and clearance between nozzle and water diverter plate
of 1.5″ prevents clogging of debris.

Reduces total number of nozzles required by 75% while retaining 100% thermal

Vibration Switches

Protect fan assembly and drive components with EVAPCO’S vibration cut out switch.

Early notification of a vibration problem can eliminate future inconvenient and costly repairs.

UL listed.

Rated for 5 g’s.

Switch can be easily reset in the field.


Factory Authorized Mr. GoodTower® Service Center

Specialists in the Restoration and Upgrade of All Types of Evaporative Cooling Equipment

Gear Drives for EVAPCO, BAC and Marley

Single reduction gear drives provide long life and trouble-free operation, even in severe duty cooling tower applications.

Minimum service factor of 2.0.

Meets or exceeds AGMA and CTI gear standards.

Zero Maintenance and No Low Speed Minimum options available upon request.

Replacement oil also available.

Floating Shaft Couplings for EVAPCO, BAC, Marley

Manufactured from high strength composite material.

Motor hub and gear box hub constructed of 316 stainless steel.

Flexible elements include stainless steel inserts and stainless steel hardware.

2.0 service factor rating.

Complete installation and alignment instructions provided.

Super Low Sound Fans

Available for all AT, USS & REP cooling towers, ATW & ESW fluid coolers and ATC condensers. Consult the factory for availability on non-EVAPCO units.

9-15 dB(A) sound reduction versus standard fans!

The SLSF is one-piece molded heavy duty FRP construction utilizing a forward swept wide chord blade design.

SLSF are available in a retrofit kit or EVAPCO can supply a complete new fan section for easy installation.

Jib Boom and Davit

Facilitates removal of fan motor and gear drive.

Eliminates costly crane rentals.

Available for galvanized or stainless steel units.

Working Platforms and Basin Platforms

Heavy-duty galvanized steel platform and an aluminum vertical ladder.

Allows easy access and servicing to the top of the unit.


Optional safety cage available.

Meets all applicable OSHA requirements.

Pump and motor Assemblies

½ hp to 10 hp close coupled vertical mounted centrifugal pumps for fluid coolers and evaporative condensers.

Cast iron and bronze fitted constructed pumps are supplied with a TEFC motor and exclusive protective canopy.

EVAPCO pumps are specifically designed for high flow and low head resulting in the highest GPM per square foot of coil surface area to provide maximum thermal performance.

Seal kits and repair kits available for EVAPCO pump assemblies.

Sloped Access Ladder

Available for EVAPCO induced draft units.

Provides fast and easy access/service to the fan/drive and spray distribution systems.

Supplied with grab bar for easy access and safety.

Eliminates need for safety cages and railings.

Meets all applicable OSHA requirements.

Retrofit Hot Water Boxes for BAC and Marley

Restore unit performance and efficiency with replacement hot water basins.

Constructed of G235 heavy duty galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Replacement nozzles and basin covers also available.

Supplied as knocked down assemblies for easy field installation. Factory assembled basins available upon request.

Kits include hardware, sealer tape, and complete assembly and installation instructions.

Electronic Water Level Control for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

EWLC is an option for the standard mechanical makeup valve and float assembly. The EWLC provides more accurate control of the basin water level and does not require field adjustment.

The EWLC is ideal for cold weather climates because it eliminates problems associated with freezing make-up valves.

The slow closing solenoid valve eliminates “water hammer.”

Stainless steel electrodes are mounted externally to the unit in a vertical.

Basin Heaters for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Protect basin water to 40°F/4.5°C at 0°F/-18°C ambient. Heaters are available for -20°F/-29°C and -40F/-40°C ambient cold weather applications.

Components enclosed in rugged, weatherproof enclosure.

Control packages that include contactor, transformer, and disconnects are available.

Easily installed with bulk head fitting or optional bolt-on connection plate.

Wide range of kW and voltage combinations available for immediate shipment.

Inlet Screens

Galvanized or stainless steel mesh construction.

Replace missing or damaged fan screens to protect people and property from physical harm, as well as keeping debris out of fan sections.

Screening also available for bottom screens and attenuation packages on forced draft units.

Discharge Screens for EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Galvanized or stainless steel mesh construction.

Replace missing or damaged fan screens to protect people and property from physical harm, as well as keeping debris out of fan sections.

Motors, EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

A full range of motors are available including inverter duty motors and two speed motors for energy efficient operation.

All motors and designed specifically for cooling tower applications: cast iron frame construction for integral Hp ratings, 1.1 service factor, and class F insulation.

TEAO motors have heavy duty epoxy coated windings and double sealed bearings for premium protection against water penetration.

Most motors are available for quick shipment: 1-2 days.

Sheet Metal panels EVAPCO, BAC, and Marley

Evapco can manufacture replacement panels on any cooling tower, cooler, or evaporative condenser regardless of original manufacturer.

A “Fill-In-The-Blank” drawing with dimensions may be required to manufacture the panels. Contact your local EVAPCO Representatives for drawings.

Available in G235 galvanized, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel.

Includes all necessary hardware, sealer tape, and caulk (where applicable).


Sump Sewer Piping and Lakos Module Installation

Stop having to crawl into your tower at the end of the year to clean out the basin of debris, and prolong your fill media and basin life with FAS and LAKOS.

With Tower-Clean Systems by LAKOS, you will...

Controls solids accumulation in cooling towers; for side-stream filtration.

Featuring the centrifugal-action performance of LAKOS Separators, the TCI Series is an effective, economical filtration package designed to reduce solids problems in cooling water systems.

Eliminates manual tower cleaning & blowdown.

Reduces heat exchanger fouling. Minimizes water loss & chemical usage. Improves energy savings.

Using continuous directed circulation the TCI System prevents troublesome solids accumulation in tower basins/remote sumps and helps control harmful bacterial growth.

As a side-stream filter, TBI limits solids fouling throughout the cooling water loop.

Performance has been independently tested, achieving 98% removal of 5-75 micron solids.

Fully-assembled, factory-tested, and installation-ready, minimizing valuable engineering, purchasing, plumbing and electrical responsibilities, and maximizing user confidence and operating performance. Installs quickly and easily.


EVAPCO is the #1 in the Industry in Providing Solutions for Replacement Projects!

Quick Shipments

EVAPCO has the best lead times in the industry! Our commitment is to ship units – WHEN THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT!

Exact Dimensional Replacements

EVAPCO will build all old style EVAPCO units. The benefits are significant: reduced installation costs and quick change outs!

REP Towers

EVAPCO engineers have designed a specific line of cooling towers to replace two cell crossflow units from 367 to 1600 nominal tons. The REP Towers (short for replacement) combine Low
installation Costs + Low Operating Costs resulting in THE IDEAL REPLACEMENT TOWER.

EVAPCO Leads the Industry in Providing Solutions for Replacement Projects!

The Right Equipment for the Project

EVAPCO’S unique induced draft, counterflow design is compact and versatile, making it ideal for replacement projects. EVAPCO also has a complete line of forced draft equipment for cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and condensers. EVAPCO has the right replacement unit regardless of the unit’s original manufacturer.


The Right People for the Project

EVAPCO has dedicated application engineers that specialize in providing solutions for replacement projects. Together with FAS factory-trained mechanics, and the Mr. GoodTower® Service Center, your team will propose the best replacement selection for your application.

Free unit inspections, by Factory Authorized Service, will ensure unit selections engineered to best match your existing layout, horsepower, piping, steel, height, and operating weight.

Is white rust harming the galvanized steel in your tower? Improve real world passivation to protect your unit.


Ineffective water treatment can drain all of your resources.

Control microbiological growth, scale and corrosion with FAS and EVAPCO water treatment solutions, and protect your system, the building’s occupants, and your energy savings!


The EVAPCO Water Saver utilizes capacitive deionization technology to reduce dissolved ion concentration, thus lowering the makeup water conductivity prior to use in an evaporative cooling system, and allowing the operating cycles of concentration to be safely doubled.

Chemical Treatment

The Smart Shield system eliminates the chance of spills and reduces shipping, handling and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%. Smart Shield has all the components required for an effective water treatment system by controlling scale, corrosion, and micro-biological growth.

Non-chemical Treatment

Pulse~Pure® provides a complete water treatment system for your evaporative cooling equipment, which significantly reduces the environmental impacts associated with the production, shipping, handling, and storage of chemicals.

EVAPCO Water Saver: Reduce Water Waste With Lower Conductivity

Improves water efficiency by increasing operating cycles of concentration

Reduces blowdown and treatment chemicals sent to drain

Routine monitoring by EVAPCO authorized service

Low cost of ownership

75-90% recovery rate

LEED points

EVAPCO Smart Shield: Effectiveness and Safety You Can Trust

Smart Shield is the most complete and reliable water treatment system with balanced chemistry, specifically engineered and factory mounted for open cooling towers.

The controlled release and monitored release capabilities protect a broad range of evaporative cooling water applications. These systems incorporate a modular design to simplify installation, and minimize the floor space required in the mechanical room for water treatment.

Easiest startup and commission in the industry

Controlled Release and Monitored Release cycles

Modular design to simplify installation and minimize the floor space required in the mechanical room for water treatment

Solid chemistry utilized by the Smart Shield systems eliminate the potential for liquid spills

Reduces shipping, handling and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%

Safe chemistry handling via specialized packaging

The Importance of Water Chemistry

Caution – Never batch load chemicals into unit.

Always regulate chemical feed.

Parameter Range

pH: 6.5 to 8.0*

Hardness as CaCO3: 50 to 300 ppm

Alkalinity as CaCO3: 50 to 300 ppm

Chlorides as Cl: 200 ppm Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel units may require routine passivation when operating with a pH of 8.3 or higher in order to prevent “white rust.”

Table 1 – Recommended Water Chemistry

Chlorides as Cl: 400 ppm Type 304 Stainless

Chlorides as Cl: 4000 ppm Type 316 Stainless

Pulse~Pure: Your Cutting-edge Green Alternative to a Chemical Water Treatment.

Being green is no longer an option in our industry, but a necessity. EVAPCO's Pulse~Pure is an eco-friendly alternative for effectively treating cooling water without chemicals.

This solution utilizes pulsed electric fields to control microbiological growth, scale, and corrosion.

Recirculating water from the evaporative cooling system passes through the Pulse-chamber where it is exposed to alternating high-frequency electric fields.

These fields impact both the surface charge of small suspended particles and free-floating microbial organisms found in the cooling water. Pulse-Pure solves all three critical challenges of water-cooled systems; scaling, biological contaminants, and corrosion.