Cooling Tower Water Treatment: How Evapco Is Changing The Game With Pulse~Pure

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Cooling tower water treatment is an essential part of having an efficient cooling system, but preventing biological fouling, scale, and corrosion is usually a complex and highly monitored process.

That’s because most buildings still use tons of toxic chemicals to address corrosion with a protective chemical layer, biological fouling with biocide programs, scale formation with polymers and polyphosphates, and solids with dispersants.

Even though all these chemicals get the job done, chemical water treatment requires a series of accommodations, and it’s usually a hassle.


Because finding and keeping the perfect balance between accomplishing a good result without harming equipment in one way or the other is difficult. The alkaline pH that inhibits corrosion also impacts oxidizing biocides and their half-life; the dispersants used to keep suspended solids in solution (to be later removed via blowdown) also contribute to pipe surface corrosion, and the phosphates that provide measure of calcium sequestration fail in addressing pre-existing scale.

Chemical water treatment exposes the facilities management team to toxic substances and possible accidents, being unsafe by nature. And because the evaporative loss of a cooling tower is simply water with little to no solids, the remaining water in the unit becomes more concentrated, requiring make-up water to keep the balance. If the make-up water is not pretreated, then more chemicals need to be added, creating a vicious cycle in which the more water you put into the system, the more blowdowns you need to perform and the more chemicals you need to add.

chemical water treatment in the middle of a facility

Basically, the whole process turns into a nightmare.

Imagine not having to deal with the cost of chemicals anymore, and not having to store or handle toxics ever again.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The good news is that the water treatment market has evolved, and you can finally put dealing with chemicals in the past.

Thankfully, managing biological growth, decreasing feed hardness, controlling pH, and maximizing cycles of concentration are now possible with technologically advanced water treatment systems. They are as effective as chemical water treatment in most cases, and even better: they are easy, sustainable, and safe.

I don’t know about you, but safety is a top priority for us.

That’s why we prefer an effective tower treatment that helps eliminate all the possible issues associated with chemicals.

If you want to give up on chemicals, provide your team with a safe workplace, and reduce water waste, you should consider switching to a physics-based water treatment system.

There are several brands available in the market and we’ve seen several of them work great in the field. However, the one we consider the most efficient is the Pulse~Pure.

Pulse~Pure is a non-chemical water treatment system manufactured by Evapco that eliminates bacteria growth, corrosion, and scale without harming your equipment or the planet.

evapco pulse pure water treatment installed in cooling tower

When recirculating water flows through the Pulse Pure chamber, a pulsed electric field physically treats the water.

The pulsed electric field controls bacteria growth by electroporation and agglomeration. Two high-frequency coils send electricity into bacteria cell walls, creating holes. The damaged bacteria then devote energy to repair instead of reproducing, which results in extremely low bacteria counts, as low as 10 times less other treatment options.

In addition to the two high-frequency coils, Pulse~Pure has four low-frequency coils that control the formation of calcium carbonate by creating “seed crystals” from suspended particles in the circulating cooling water. These seed crystals then become the preferred nucleation sites for calcium carbonate, as opposed to heat transfer surfaces. This process forms a non-adherent powder in the water that settles out in the basin and is removed by the regular blowdown.

Also, when the elimination of oxidizing biocides and acids in the water, the system itself becomes a more alkaline environment that allows calcium carbonate to act as a natural cathodic corrosion inhibitor.

Watch the video below to see how Pulse~Pure operates, and the difference it can make in your system.

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