East Los Angeles College

Factory Authorized Service Inc.

East Los Angeles College (ELAC) is a community college in the Northeastern, East Los Angeles suburb of Monterey Park. It is part of the Los Angeles Community College District in the California Community Colleges System. Fourteen communities comprise its primary service area. With an enrollment of 34,578 students, ELAC is the largest student body campus in the Los Angeles Community College District.  

Equipment on site

Two induced counter flow Evapco cooling towers. Each tower has a stainless-steel basin and galvanized upper sections.  

Stainless Steel Evapco Upper Sections


The galvanized upper sections of the tower were severely corroded and the fill media was fouled so severely that the weight was causing the upper sections to cave in on themselves. The chiller was so inefficient that they needed to bring chilled water in from the campus main plant to keep the building cool for the students.


The school year was about to begin and the upper sections needed to be replaced with new stainless-steel upper sections along with new fill media. With campus open and students attending summer school, we had to be careful with crane operations while getting the new sections on the roof safely.


Factory Authorized Service craned and rigged the old sections off the roof, and craned the new sections onto the roof.


The work was completed in one day saving the campus money and allowing the chiller plant to work efficiently and cost-effectively.