Hoag Hospital

Factory Authorized Service Inc.

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian offers a comprehensive mix of health care services including institutes specializing in care for cancer, heart and vascular, neurosciences, women’s health, and orthopedics through Hoag’s affiliate, Hoag Orthopedic Institute.

Equipment on site

The central plant consists of multiple chillers, boilers and cooling towers.  There are two ceramic built in place with concrete basins. Each tower has a 6-foot deep basin with counterflow fill media.  

Platform design by Factory Authorized Service


The Hospital was getting complaints of excessive noise coming from their ceramic cooling towers from the close by condominiums. The condominiums were considering legal action and the city was prepared to assign fines and penalties.   The hospital had to maintain cooling operation while work was being performed on the cooling towers.


Engineer and install a sound attenuation solution without stopping cooling service to the hospital’s 652 beds and operating rooms.


Reduce sound coming from the ceramic towers in the form of sound attenuations media in the 6-foot concrete basin. Factory Authorized Service field engineered a complex, underwater platform in each of the 6-foot-deep basins.  FAS installed sound dampening media on the platforms to attenuate the noise coming from the water splashing in the basin.  Each tower was done independently so that the cooling requirements for the hospital were not disrupted.


The Factory Authorized Service engineered solution provided adequate sound attenuation. The customer was extremely satisfied with the speed of the installation, and the overall solution provided by FAS.