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Achieve more life out of your tower and avoid that dreaded emergency shutdown


We've Been Extending the Life of Cooling Towers for Over 30 Years

New towers and performance loss cost tens of thousands of dollars. Find potential issues before they happen. We Check:

Operating Levels
Worn Parts
Noise and Vibration
Biological Control

and more!


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The Benefits of Your FREE Cooling Tower Inspection:

Avoid surprises and hassle during initial and seasonal start-up and shutdowns

Ensure design temperature, flow, and load are meeting building requirements

Identify current part conditions and lifespan

Receive biological growth analisys

Optimize the performance of your unit!

Easy and Complete Inspection in no time!

Load, condensing temperature, and capacity control

Fan system (motor and shaft ball bearings, blades, motor cycling, etc.) and VFDs

Hubs, bolts, belts, and gear drive adjustments

Air inlet, biological contamination, gray water and reclaimed water conditions

Unit piping, water distribution system, and MORE

Make Sure Your Cooling Tower is One Less Thing to Worry About

Receive the most accurate diagnosis of you tower and plan your next move just right.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of high-performance equipment.

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